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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Payment Proof - Profit Clicking!


Recently Profit Clicking is being bashed by their members since the switch. Some say that they aren't paying anymore and they just said they had it and their quitting.

But I guess they should just wait. Since switching the system and all that takes time and that is why the PC staffs are saying that they are still in Beta mode, meaning that they are still fixing some bugs.

Anyway to make this post short, here is a recent withdrawal that I made from PC :)

**Withdrawing now is easier than the previous months, you just have to check the "Green Light System" and once it turns green, just try and try until you can make a withdrawal at least that's what I did."

Any questions? Feel free to message me. Oh if you are interested in seeing the site, you may just click the banner above. Thanks!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Profitzone - newest PTC

Profitzone is a new PTC specially for Filipinos (since the denomination is in Philippine Peso). Each click will earn you at least Php 0.05 and from my experience there is a good 5-6 ads a day and this does not include the Paid to read and Paid to sign up part of the earnings area.

I just joined yesterday so I'm still new at this PTC but hey I already have Php 1.00 in my account. It's not that big but I can't really earn Php 1.00 from just surfing the internet can I? From reading their page, here's how we can earn from them:

  • Paid To Click - You are being paid to click their sponsored Ads.
  • Paid To Read - You will be paid just by reading.
  • Paid To Promote - Members will be paid from the unique views that they contribute to the site.
  • Earn from referrals - You will earn 20% of what your referrals will earn
For advertisers, you can take advantage of the very low cost of advertising of their site. Check their FAQs for the rates.

How to cash out your earnings? Since it caters mostly for the Filipino clickers, most of the cash out options are local. See list below.

Minimum of Php 10.00 for cash out for 

Minimum of Php 25.00 for cash out for
Minimum of Php 100.00 for cash out for
  • BDO
  • LBC

I can't say yet if this is a scam or not, but there's not harm in trying. After all it's free.

Interested? Click the banner and join now :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to join Profitclicking? It's EASY!

Joining is so simple, click the banner you see below and click "Join Now".

Remember what you are getting when you sign up for Profitclicking:

1. $10 initial money to help you get the feel for the system. (Which they will deduct after 45 days)
2. From the initial money you can buy the an adpack which will earn you 2% daily (if you sign up now you can enjoy the 3% promo they have until the 14th of February.)
3. The adpack that you bought, will also be giving you 1000 views to your own website or other sites you wish to advertise.

And there's lots more to gain when you join us. Feel free to post a comment if you have any questions.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How can you earn from your websites/blogs?

Aside from those online paid to click websites, high yield programs and MLMs, there are other ways of earning online using your blog or website. I guess you're thinking, is this another scam? Or another way to get my money?

Well no, first of all, what I will share to you is FREE and you will earn from them. Impossible? Well not really. These 2 programs are just like your old friend googleads. But here you would have to create new accounts.

I'm talking about joining those websites that are offering to pay you when your users click on their ads. One of them is Adhitz.

Adhitz is a like a middle man for both advertisers and those website/blog owners. They sell their ads to the advertisers and once they have sold the ads, Adhitz will then generate codes that the website owners will then be displaying in their site. For website owners, you can only earn if one of your readers will click the ad itself. So if you have a lot of traffic going on in your website, then that might be good for you. If you are just starting, however, the traffic and the clicking of the ad may have a smaller chance. But hey, for just pasting codes in your website for free and earning from it is not at all bad. :)

If you'd like to join Adhitz, you can go to this link >> GO TO ADHITZ

Another website, just like Adhitz, is Nuffnang PH. Just like Adhitz, you get to register your own username, password and your website. Afterwards, you are sent to page to choose your type of ad. Oh and you get to fill up a survey where of course you put your details and your choice of ads that will be displaying in your website. Some might not like getting alcohol or tobacco ads in their website, so you can have that choice.

BTW, I'm not earning any commissions if you join, I just wanted to share this :)

My little earnings since I've just started :)

Adhitz earning
Nuffnang :)